Apple closes stores again in Texas amid surge in new crown pneumonia cases

Apple has closed seven retail stores in the Houston, Texas, area, as the virus spreads,media reported. Last week, Apple closed its stores in Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and South Carolina, but did not say when they would reopen. It is learnt that the following stores in Texas will close on June 25: Highland Village, First Colony Mall, Houston Galleria, Memorial City, Willowbrook Mall, Baybrook and Woodlands.

Apple closes stores again in Texas amid surge in new crown pneumonia cases

Apple is understood to have reopened more than 150 of its 271 stores in the US before the store was reopened. However, cases of the new crown virus are on the rise in some parts of the United States, forcing the company to reopen stores in the affected areas.

When the first store reopened in May, Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s head of retail, said the company would only reopen if it was confident it would serve its customers safely.

Apple’s decision to close or reopen stores is based on data assessments such as local case data, recent and long-term trends, and guidance from state and local health officials. When the store reopened, O’Brien warned that Apple would not hesitate to close the store again if the number of new crown virus cases soared.

As Apple prepares to close its Stores in Houston, it has reopened several stores in Chicago, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota and Virginia this week.

In those stores that have reopened, Apple is implementing security measures, including mandatory wearing masks, keeping social distance, frequent cleaning, temperature checks and more. In some places, shops are open only for repairs and roadside pick-up, while others can only accommodate a limited number of people at a time.