China’s first new crown mRNA vaccine approved for clinical trial

The new coronavirus mRNA candidate vaccine (ARCoV), developed by the Military Medical Research Institute of the Academy of Military Medicine and local enterprises, was officially approved by the National Drug Administration on June 19. This is the first mRNA vaccine approved for clinical trials in China.

China’s first new crown mRNA vaccine

Approved to launch clinical trials

Since the outbreak of xinguan pneumonia, the Institute of Military Medicine of the Academy of Military Sciences has deployed emergency scientific research and promoted the development of new crown vaccines along several technical routes. The domestic new crown mRNA vaccine is another high-tech vaccine that has been successfully approved for clinical trials after recombining the new coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector). Studies have shown that the new mRNA vaccine not only induces high levels of neutralizing antibodies in mice and crab-eating monkeys, but also induces a protective T-cell immune response. Experiments on crab-eating monkeys show that vaccine-immunized animals can withstand high-dropnew coronavirus attacks, effectively preventing virus replication and lung pathology progress, and show good protective effect.

MRNA vaccine is a new form of vaccine in recent years, the basic principle is through a specific delivery system to express antigen targetmRNA into the body, in the body to express protein and stimulate the body to produce a specific immunological response, so that the body to obtain immune protection. MRNA vaccine research and development there is a high technical threshold, currently only the United States and Germany developed a few mRNA vaccine varieties into the clinical research stage, China has never approved the mRNA vaccine into clinical.

Project leader Qin Chengfeng researcher said that the domestic new crown mRNA vaccine has three advantages: First, the vaccine antigen target selection is more accurate, induced neutralizing antibody specificity is high, vaccine safety is better; At present, the new crown mRNA vaccine has completed multi-batch production in accordance with clinical trial requirements, will be in the near future in Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital to officially launch Phase I clinical trials.

China's first new crown mRNA vaccine approved for clinical trial

Qin Chengfeng (left) Infographic