Exile return? Microsoft announces ‘Halo: Infinity’ pilot voice trailer

Microsoft and Studio 343 have released a pilot voice trailer for next-generation production Halo: Infinity, which appears to suggest that “Banished” will return. “The Exile” is a break away from the mainstream of the mercenary organization, against the Star League rebel forces, after the end of the war between mankind and the Star League began to grow and develop.

“Halo: Infinity” pilot voice trailer:

Halo: Infinity will continue to tell the story of sergeant-general, as part of the Reclaimer Saga storyline and a direct sequel to Halo 5: The Guardian. At present, Microsoft still has no plans to port Halo 5 to the PC.

Microsoft will officially release the game video of Halo: Infinity at the Xbox Series X show in July. It will also showcase their first-party generational dominance.

Exile return? Microsoft announces 'Halo: Infinity' pilot voice trailer

Halo: Infinity will use the new engine, Slipspace Engine, which Studio 343 says was designed with the PC side in mind. And the team now intends to treat PC players as first-class citizens.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed specifics, but you can expect to use the DX12 driver and ray tracing. After all, as a pioneer of next-generation hosts, the screen must be first-class.

Halo: Infinity is scheduled to land on Xbox Series X and PC during the 2020 Christmas season.