Microsoft: PS5 isn’t worried about XSX hardware benefits

Prior to the Sony PS5 launch, Microsoft was very active in promoting the Next Generation console, the Xbox Series X, and led Sony. But now, Sony seems to have the upper hand. Because Sony’s PS5 launch was a great success, with more than 80 million views, twice as many as the PS4’s first E3 launch (about 40 million views), the player’s interest in the PS5 was “far more” than XSX. Players are now eyeing Microsoft’s July event to see what Microsoft can do in July to bring XSX back into the game.”

Microsoft: PS5 isn't worried about XSX hardware benefits

Phil Spencer, the boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division, gave a new presentation at Game Lab Live. Spencer mentioned the PS5 launch. In fact, he praised Sony, saying the PS5 launch was great. But on the other hand, he says he’s not worried about Xbox’s status, saying he still has confidence in his lineup and that the hardware advantages of the Xbox Series X will eventually show off.

“As a competitor, it’s good to have them now so we know what this project is. We’ve seen the device, we’ve seen the game.

To be honest, I feel good after seeing the PS5 launch. I think the hardware advantage spent on our game, the number of frames and other things will be demonstrated when we talk about it.

I think we’ll have a very good lineup in the starting line-up. At their (Sony) show, we had a clearer idea of what they were doing, which helped us focus more on the existing products, which I think will be our advantage in the release of our products.

So I think they’re doing a great job. I think they’re doing a good job of doing what they have to do. But when I think about the games and content we’re about to show, I think we’re in a very good position and the hardware we have. “