‘The World’s Best Of The World’ returns to HBO Max: A 4-Minute Background

The 1939 Oscar-winning film “Gone With the Wind” returned to the streaming platform HBO Max on Wednesday, local time,media reported. Now, HBO Max has released a four-and-a-half-minute video of the re-released film, incorporating the racist narrative of the classic film into context.

'The World's Best Of The World' returns to HBO Max: A 4-Minute Background

Jacqueline Stewart, an African-American film expert and TCM host, said: This is not only an important document reflecting the racist behavior of Hollywood in the past, but also a enduring pop culture work that directly reflects the continuing racial inequality in today’s media and society. “

Two weeks ago, HBO Max temporarily dropped “The Good Man” after the Los Angeles Times published an editorial by Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley. Amid protests around the world against racism and police brutality, he urged HBO Max to suspend the film, saying it romanticized the horrors of slavery and perpetuated stereotypes of people of color.

HBO Max, when it dropped the film, said it would return to the streaming platform, but it would be irresponsible to continue playing it without explaining or condemning its racist depictions.

'The World's Best Of The World' returns to HBO Max: A 4-Minute Background

“The “Messy” was a product of that era, and unfortunately it depicts some of the racial and racial prejudices that are common in American society,” HBO Max said in a statement at the time. “