Foreign media: Tesla Shanghai Super Factory is already building powertrain plant

June 25 , according tomedia reports , last year partially completed and began production of the domestic Model 3 Tesla Shanghai super plant , started large-scale construction this year ,media in recent months also continued to pay attention to the progress of the plant construction . In the construction of Tesla’s listed super plant,media in recent months have focused on Model Y’s production plant, but there are also notes about other buildings, a building next to the battery assembly plant, which has recently entered themedia’s view.

Media: Tesla Shanghai Super Factory is already building powertrain plant

Tesla Shanghai Super Factory under construction

According tomedia reports, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory battery assembly plant next to a new building is under construction of steel structure, some steel structure has been capped, there are several cranes in related work, the site is also stacked with a large number of steel structure components.

Media reported that the steel structure is being built in this building, will be used for the production of power systems, for the Shanghai super plant production of Model 3 and will be put into production model Y power system.

From the pictures provided bymedia reports, the power system plant of Tesla’s Shanghai super plant, close to the Model Y plant under construction, is a two-story steel structure building in the same straight line as the Model 3 production plant that has been put into production.