2292 indoor plants “enjoyed” an exciting concert at the Barcelona Opera

Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House has been closed due to a new crown pandemic,media CNET reported. Spain has just lifted its three-month blockade, but the Liceu Opera is not fully prepared for a large audience. Instead, the artist’s “Crisantemi” string quartet was presented with Puccini’s Crisantemi quartet in front of 2,292 indoor plants.

The Liceu Grand Theatre released a video of the UceLi string quartet on Tuesday, showing a complete panorama of the quiet and focused “audience.”

The show, known as the “Bioworld Concert”, is a reference to the concept of the biological world and is an interconnected community of life.

The artist Eugenio Ampudia was the mastermind of the concert. Ampudia’s work is full of playfulness and thought, including stones on wheels and undulating grass. Ampudia will turn the concert into a video artwork. “Crisantemi” means “chrysanthemum”. The song provides a fitting emotion to match what Ampudia hopes to achieve, which Liceau calls “the different perspectives of our return activities that bring us closer to what is as essential as our relationship with nature.” “

The video begins with standard requests in Spanish and English, asking for the phone to be turned off and not to take photos or make noise. These plants come from local nurseries. There’s no problem with “compliance.” The lucky indoor plants have been given a new home and donated to the medical staff at Barcelona’s Cl?nic hospital. The hospital tweeted photos of the massive event on Tuesday.