ARM Mac will not be able to support Windows through Boot Camp

Apple will begin switching its Mac to its self-developed ARM processor platform later this year. But here’s the bad news for users who aren’t used to the original macOS operating system, because you won’t be able to install and run the Microsoft Windows operating system through Boot Camp mode. A Microsoft spokesman said in a statement to TheVerge that the company will only provide authorized ARM windows 10 operating systems to OEMs.

ARM Mac will not be able to support Windows through Boot Camp

In recent years, Apple and Microsoft have worked closely together, such as providing Support for the Office Productivity Suite for ARM Macs later this year.

Unfortunately, during WWDC 2020, both sides shied away from Boot Camp-based Windows installation deployments.

Asked if the strategy would be modified in the future to allow deployment via Boot Camp on ARM Macs, the company said it had no other information to share.

As a result, if you want to run the Windows 10 operating system on a Mac that swaps Appel Silicon, you can only wait for Microsoft to further open up the extensive licensing of Windows 10 for ARM.

Of course, users aren’t completely unable to experience Windows on ARM Macs, after all, Apple has already demonstrated a virtual machine scenario (running Linux in Parallels Desktop), so a solution based on virtualization software such as VMWare and Parallels is promising.