Ex-Windows executive praises Apple’s courage after announcing switch to Apple Silicon

Steven Sinofsky, the former head of Microsoft’s Windows team who left Microsoft after the windows 8 was officially released, hailed Apple in a series of tweets, stressing that it could be “the greatest product project in history.” Interestingly, Sinofsky stresses that he has “been in a similar position for many years”, explaining that Apple has excelled in three different areas: “fearless multi-year strategy, clear unified planning and priorities, and crazy unprecedented execution.”

The former Windows executive praised Apple’s courage in unveiling a long-term plan, especially since many changes are likely to take place during that time.

“When Tim Cook talked about the transition to Apple Silicon as a two-year journey, my jaw was going to fall off. First, for the industry, completing this transition in two years is as short-lived as it is without any time. Second, it’s an incredible length of time and well worth the wait. He said.

“It’s really incredible courage when so many things can change and, more importantly, mistakes. Every big company has a multi-year plan (i’ve done it), but as you know, these plans usually don’t make much sense after a fiscal year, and Apple is completely different in that regard. “

Ex-Windows executive praises Apple's courage after announcing switch to Apple Silicon

Sinofsky compared Apple’s approach to Microsoft’s, explaining that while the software giant’s strategy was not wrong, Apple’s approach was only “different.” Of course, it seems to work better than Microsoft’s.

He explained that Microsoft’s strategy to transform the platform was more “localized”, while Apple was more focused on strategic requirements because the company was simply trying to support its long-term strategy rather than focusing on a single group. Although applications such as Office have reliably served the world for decades, it is very difficult to plan for Windows for a long time, because different Windows customers have different views and needs on the product, especially enterprise and OEM customers, the most important thing is that the compatibility of old products, the care of userhabits, the compromise of compatibility will also affect the newly released products.

Ex-Windows executive praises Apple's courage after announcing switch to Apple Silicon