Android Firefox Preview starts removing quick action bar Related features to “…” menu

In the latest Nightly version of Firefox Preview for Android, the four options for bookmarking, sharing, Read and opening in the app on the Quick Action Bar menu at the bottom have been moved to the “…” menu. In the recently open-open version of Firefox Preview 3.0, Mozilla made it clear in its update log that Quick Action Bar had been replaced by the browser menu. Although it is not currently in effect in the first Beta version, it will obviously be the first to be deployed in the Firefox Preview Nightly channel version.

It’s also worth noting that the first beta version of Firefox Preview 3.0 has enhanced tracking protection for all users and added download notification support.

Speaking about the topic of this article, Firefox Preview shows the Quick Action Bar (QAB) at the bottom of the page, and you can swipe up from the bottom navigation bar to see it. If installed on the device, it allows us to share, bookmark, read, and open the current article link in a supported application. Mozilla has removed it from the Nightly version of Firefox and moved the options to the vertical “…” menu.

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