Universal Pictures to remake 96-year-old classic disaster film “Tornadoes”

According tomedia reports, Universal Pictures plans to remake the 1996 classic disaster film “Tornado” new version! Joseph Kosinski (“Genesis: The Chronicles of War”) is in talks to direct. The original film, starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, tells the story of a couple on the brink of divorce who chase a tornado to study.

“Tornado” is the representative of the 1990s disaster film, the behind-the-scenes line-up is very strong, director Jane de Bont has directed “The Hour of Life and Death”, screenwriter Michael Clayton is “Jurassic Park” original author, the producer is the famous Steven Spielberg.

The film, which has $92 million in investment and $494 million worldwide, is better than similar productions such as Global Storm, Fearless Storm and Hurricane Robbery, which have performed better in recent years. By the way, the film has also been introduced to the Chinese mainland, in the cinema to see can be raised.

It’s not immediately clear what the reboot will be about, but with Bill Paxton’s unexpected death from heart surgery in previous years, it’s no surprise that the return of the original class horse is impossible.