White House confirms Trump will visit Apple’s Texas plant on Wednesday

The White House has confirmed that U.S. President Donald Trump will visit a plant in Texas on Wednesday, local time, to make Apple’s new modular Mac Pro, although more details on the purpose of the trip have not been disclosed,media outlet Apple Insider reported.

White House confirms Trump will visit Apple's Texas plant on Wednesday

Last week,media reported that Mr. Trump would visit the Mac Pro plant in Texas to showcase companies that could create jobs in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook  will accompany Mr. Trump on a tour of the plant, the report said.

The White House has confirmed that the visit is scheduled for Wednesday, but only confirmed that Mr. Trump’s visit, not whether Mr. Cook or other members of Apple’s executive team will attend, is likely to involve Mr. Cook.

Apple said in a recent announcement that the new Mac Pro would be assembled at the same plant in Texas, despite previous reports that it would outsource production and assembly to factories in China. Before and after taking office, Mr. Trump has called on U.S. technology companies to move manufacturing jobs back to the United States. It is unclear how Mr. Trump’s trip will affect Apple, such as how the ongoing trade war and import tariffs will affect apples.

Mr. Trump has previously praised Mr. Cook as “a great executive.” The two also had dinner at Trump National Golf Club, where Trump even called Cook to wish him a happy Thanksgiving.

In addition to Cook’s friendly relationship with Trump, Apple has taken other steps to win the president’s support. Apple has hired jeffrey Mueller, a prominent Trump ally, to lobby him to avoid another round of tariffs,media said Thursday.

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