Google data center or could damage drinking water quality causes Concerns for Norwegian Authorities

On June 25th, local time, Nrk reported that Google had purchased 2,000 acres of land north of the center of the Norwegian city of Skien, where it plans to build the largest data center in northern Europe to date. Mr Sheehan’s politicians recently decided to spend 11.5m Norwegian kroner (about 8.42m yuan) on infrastructure invested by Google.

Google data center or could damage drinking water quality causes Concerns for Norwegian Authorities△数据中心购买的土地范围  图片来自nrk

The data center requires a lot of power and cooling facilities, and in order to cool Theon’s data center, Google plans to build a 5 km-long cooling water tunnel in Norsj? lake, which will be used to deliver water to the data center, which will be recycled several times inside the data center before flowing to Lake Nosher. Lake Nosher is a source of drinking water in the surrounding area, providing drinking water to 53,000 residents.

Espen Lydersen, a professor of water chemistry at the University of Southeastern Norway, worries that the release of hot water into Lake Nosher will worsen drinking water and affect the ecology of the lake.

Norway’s Food Safety Authority is also concerned about water quality. Norway’s drinking water regulations clearly prohibit contaminated drinking water. Norway’s Food Safety Authority said it could not accept measures that would adversely affect water quality, and Google’s proposal did not mention how it would affect water quality. In response, they will warn.

WS Computing AS, a subsidiary of Google, has previously said the returned water temperature will be 25 degrees and will not contaminate the water. So far, Google has not responded to NRK’s reports. (CCTV reporter Xiaoli Zou)