This is the right pose for windows 10 to install a USB stick

Microsoft has released Windows 10 2004, and win10 2004 is naturally the best choice for installation. The author has previously described how to download Win10 2004 from the official website of The original ISO image, so how to use this image to make Win10 2004 installation USB stick? In fact, compared with the past, Win10 2004 installation U disk production has some considerations, this to tell you about it.

Note 1: U disk needs to use NTFS file system

Previously, many friends made Windows 10 installation USB sticks, which formatted the USB stick as fat32’s file system. In general, this is indeed a reasonable practice, FAT32 compatibility is good, can be identified by almost all operating systems, and can also be a variety of motherboard BIOS identification guidance. However, this is out of date in Windows 10 2004.

This is the right pose for windows 10 to install a USB stick

Windows 10 2004 installation image “install.wim” file is larger than 4G, can not be put into the FAT32 format USB stick

After windows 10 2004 is unzipped, the “install.wim” file is larger than 4G and cannot be placed in a U disk of FAT32 (FAT32 cannot hold a single file larger than 4G). Therefore, you need to format the USB drive as the NTFS file system before you can make a Windows 10 2004 installation USB stick.

Note 2: U disk use FAT32? Special action is required

However, many friends do not like to format the USB stick as NTFS, after all, NTFS in macOS and other non-Windows systems compatible is not good enough, and some BIOS/UEFI can not start NTFS USB stick. U disk must use FAT32 installed Windows 10 2004, you need to install.wim this is larger than 4G file sepsis.

This is the right pose for windows 10 to install a USB stick

Split the “intall.wim” file with the command line

To run the CMD with administrator permissions, assuming that the position of install.wim is in the “sources” directory of the virtual optical drive G disk, you want to split the file into two parts and place it on the D disk, with the specific command:

Dism/Split-Image/ImageFile: “G: .source.install.wim” /SWMFile: D: .install.swm/FileSize: 4000

Then replace the two files generated after the split with the original “install.wim” file, you can put on the USB stick. The other Windows 10 2004 images are also released by the U disk and can be installed properly.

Note 3: Note UEFI matching

Many friends have found that windows 10 installation USB drive is particularly simple to make, as long as the Windows 10 image unzip, filecopies to the U disk, Windows 10 installation USB drive is completed. This is so convenient, because the installation file of Windows 10 contains UEFI boot program, if the motherboard to UEFI boot also has good support, the motherboard boot mode set to UEFI, you can successfully guide Windows 10 installation USB drive.

However, there are also matters to be noted here.

For example, not all boards have UEFI mode. Some boards are loaded with only traditional BIOS, so the installation USB stick of Windows 10 2004 needs to be made with other tools. For example, with Rufus, this is a good system installation USB stick production tool that supports various types of system mirror writing Tolstototo to make the installation disk. With the Windows 10 installation USB drive made by Rufus, you can boot up even with a traditional BIOS. Rufus is a free open source tool that friends in need can click on the link below to access its GitHub open source page.


This is the right pose for windows 10 to install a USB stick

Rufus is very conscientious to install U disk production software

In addition, if the U disk is installed in NTFS format, the UEFI of some motherboards may not be recognized – the UEFI boot zone of some motherboards does not support NTFS and can only boot the FAT USB drive. You can use the method above, split the file after the production of FAT32 installation USB drive.


In general, Windows 10 2004 is convenient to make and install a USB stick. In fact, Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool also provides the option to make and install usb drives, but after all, the automation tools are limited, such as MCT production and installation of U disk will add a fat32 partition for the large-capacity USB stick and so on. And through some manual adjustment, the production of Windows 10 2004 installation USB drive can be more suitable for a variety of use scenarios, we may as well try it.