Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

In the silence of the night, the room from time to time the sound of physical collisions…. Don’t think, it must be fighting mosquitoes. Summer is a nightmare for me, who is particularly mosquito-infested, going where the mosquitoes chase me. My little friends together in the summer especially like to play with me, because, mosquitoes all bite me, I am their large mosquito fragrance.

In the mosquito chase bite of the twenty years, I have used a variety of mosquito repellent, anti-mosquito means and products, today to give you a review of the use of i used to repellent means and products.

Mosquito Cressing – Deworming Chrysanthemum

Said to eliminate mosquitoes, we first think of the mosquito incense. Mosquito incense is our most commonly used mosquito repellent products, in addition to mosquito incense and electric mosquito tablets and electric mosquito incense. These are by deworming chrysanthemum to eliminate mosquitoes, deworming chrysanthemum is very efficient, only a small amount of use can knock down mosquitoes, is currently one of the safest and most effective insecticides.

Deworming chrysanthemum is not the only one, it is the general term of an entire class of chemicals. The common mosquito incense on the market is mainly the use of tetrafluoromethyl ether and chloroflue-ether in the pyrethroids. Studies have shown that chloroflue-ether is more effective at knocking down mosquitoes than tetrafluoroetherides.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

Since the deworming chrysanthemum is an insecticide, it must be toxic. Their safety is usually measured by RQ health risk assessment values, with rQ values of 1 1 indicating that the risk is not controllable, and RQ values less than 1 indicate that the riskist is controllable. The RQ value of tetrafluoroetherite is 0.3 and the RQ value of the chlorofluoroether chrysanthemum is 0.8. In terms of safety, tetrafluoromethyl ether is back in the city.

Therefore, in the purchase of mosquito incense, if it is adults, then choose chlorofluoroetheral chrysanthemum mosquito fragrance effect is better. If it is for children, infants, then choose tetrafluoroeth chrysanthemum mosquito fragrance is safer.

Mosquito incense, electric mosquito slice and electric hot mosquito incense

When we use mosquito incense, in order to better kill mosquitoes, usually let the indoor environment as closed as possible, so that indoor pyrethroid content to maintain a more stable level. At this point, the difference between mosquito incense, electric mosquito tablets and mosquito incense liquid is apparent.

First say mosquito incense, the use of mosquito incense, mosquito incense burning will produce a large number of PM2.5, so that the indoor environment air quality plummeted. For people with a more sensitive nose, every time I use mosquito incense, I feel that this is not a mosquito repellent, but a repellent. If you’re going to order mosquito incense in an air-conditioned room, you’d better do a good job of changing the mosquitoes.

However, there are already some smoke or smokeless mosquito esquentitas on the market. However, I still recommend that you let the indoor air flow a little bit when the electric mosquito is fragrant.

In addition to affecting air quality, mosquito ash is also a very annoying thing, mosquito incense box is usually put on the ground, often a no-look kick, and then full of ash.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

Electric mosquito tablets and electric hot mosquito incense appear to be much friendly, with out there will not be that kind of mosquito and people hit the feeling, basically will not smell anything. These two are more suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms. Of course, the effective time of electric mosquito tablets and electric hot mosquito incense is not so fast, and their two effects of the area is not as big as mosquito incense, if the room is large, may be a few more plugs. However, the effect of electric mosquito tablets and electric hot mosquito incense also has some differences, the efficacy of electric mosquito tablets is not as stable as electro-thermal mosquito incense.

Electric mosquito incense liquid need sachet sachet sachet stake to note that when not used, remember to turn off the power supply. I remember that i bought a new bottle of electric mosquito incense, it is said to use 40 nights, however, because I often forget to turn off the power, a week empty bottle. It hurts me. It is recommended that everyone buy when pick can buy regularly.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

Here it is necessary to hang another mosquito-scented products, that is, rice home mosquito repellent. This mosquito repellent is used in another type of pyrethroid, tetrafluorobexe. One of the advantages of tetrafluoropyrion ester is the high volatility in the room temperature state, so the rice mosquito repellent can use only a small fan to allow the effect of the drug to be waved out. However, the equivalent concentration of tetrafluoropyrioneste is much less effective at knocking down mosquitoes than chloroflue-ether.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

I use the experience of being bitten by mosquitoes for several nights to tell you that we must think carefully. The area of the rice mosquito repellent is too small, at first I thought the applicable area is 28 square meters, my room just 20 square meters. Until I found out that I put the mosquito repellent on the bedside, the mosquito went to bite my feet, I put the mosquito repellent at the end of the bed, and the mosquitoes buzzed in my ears. I look at the instructions only found that the applicable space is 28 cubic meters, calculated is a room of about 10 square meters.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

Mosquito Repellent – Mosquito Repellent and Mosquito Repellent

In addition to these mosquito-killing products, we also use mosquito-removal products, such as mosquito repellent water, mosquito repellent paste, mosquito repellent bracelets and so on. Mosquitoes are targeted by the smell of the skin, and applying mosquito repellent water is equivalent to applying a layer of protection to the skin so that mosquitoes can’t smell human.

Many of these mosquito repellent products are mainly natural plant ingredients, but natural plant ingredients are safe, but the effect may not be drops. The real effectiveness is the addition of mosquito repellent esters and mosquito repellent, such as the chemical drugs of mosquito repellent products, such as the famous SIX GOD dew, which adds mosquito repellent.

Mosquitoes that have been fed for 20 years, find that the best mosquito repellent product is it.

However, mosquito repellent is pure in the potential of skin irritation, its toxicity is also higher than mosquito repellent. For infants under 6 months of age, try not to use mosquito repellent products containing mosquito repellent.

In general, there are a variety of chemical drugs of mosquito repellent, anti-mosquito products are toxic. But, measuring aside, toxicity is treated as a rogue. The market qualified mosquito repellent and anti-mosquito products, their safety is guaranteed, but there are some mosquito repellent, anti-mosquito products will be labeled pregnant women and infants with caution, mainly because the baby is still relatively fragile, so we need to pay attention to when using.

Moth Killer – Ultraviolet Mosquito Control Light

After the magic, then the physical means to kill the mosquito. Speaking of physical means to kill mosquitoes, we should think of electric mosquito patting, although the electric mosquito beat mosquito is very good to use, but people always have to sleep, can not always carry electric mosquito beat and other mosquitoes, so the anti-mosquito lamp appeared.

Most anti-mosquito lamps on the market use ultraviolet light to kill mosquitoes. But UV mosquito-killing lamps have been proven by various studies to eliminate mosquitoes, but will eliminate a large number of harmless beneficial insects. However, the use of anti-mosquito lights are said to see the anti-mosquito lamp killed a bunch of mosquitoes, this is how fat four? The answer is that the mosquitoes that kill are not realblood-sucking mosquitoes, but another blood-absorbing mosquito, the rock mosquito, which is mainly active during the day, relying on the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which interfere with their navigation systems, fly ingons to the mosquito-killing lights and then be electrocuted by the grid.

The real blood-sucking mosquito, with a strong light-avoiding, a light on the buzz, a light on the run without a trace. Blood-sucking mosquitoes rely mainly on carbon dioxide, odor and infrared light produced by animals and humans to find targets. But now there are some carbon dioxide anti-mosquito lights, it is said that can simulate the smell of the human body to attract mosquitoes, this is relatively new, the author has not used, first do not evaluate.

First do not say how effective the anti-mosquito lamp, anti-mosquito lamp has a place I can not stand is that the night sleep will always emit a claustrophobic purple light, let me 瘆 panic. However, in the absence of people, ultraviolet mosquito-killing lights still have a certain role.

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent slather without mosquito repellent

In addition to the anti-mosquito lamp, another kind of more familiar is ultrasonic mosquito repellent. We all know that blood-sucking mosquitoes are female mosquitoes, but female mosquitoes do not always suck blood, they only in the spawning period to suck blood. At this stage, female mosquitoes avoid bear mosquitoes and avoid secondary pregnancy. Thus, these ultrasonic mosquito repellent is the use of mosquito esquenitas, by simulating the sound of bear mosquitoes, to achieve the effect of mosquito repellent.

Listening to this principle, it seems that ultrasonic mosquito repellent is quite useful. However, the actual use of the effect, the author I am not feeling, mosquitoes more places, without the same bite. And, I don’t know why, I can always vaguely mention the sound of mosquito control bracelets, some people can not hear, it is very strange.

The most useful physical mosquito repellent product – air conditioning

Next I would like to say this mosquito repellent products, I believe everyone has home, it is air conditioning, you do not hear wrong, is air conditioning.

Why do I say air conditioning can mosquito repellent? I believe we should all find that mosquitoes are generally found in summer, one to winter on the extinction. This is because mosquitoes are afraid of cold, and when the climate cools below 10 degrees Celsius in the autumn, the mosquitoes stop breeding and die in large numbers. And the speed of mosquito bites and temperature has a great relationship, at 37 degrees Celsius or more, mosquito bites only need 0.1 seconds at a time, at 27 degrees Celsius or less when the speed of the person bites greatly reduced, 17 degrees Celsius or less generally no longer bite. And whether the female mosquito sucks blood and the humidity of the air is related, the humidity is less than 52% do not suck blood.

Open air conditioning, not only let the indoor temperature lower, but also reduce humidity, greatly weaken the mosquito rate. When you open the air conditioning to 16 degrees, mosquitoes will not come out, but estimated that you will also be cold enough, this time need another artifact, that is, the winter cotton quilt. A word sum up is, air conditioning open low, thick quilt cover, mosquitoes will never bite you again. This method is good, is a bit of electricity, but although the cost of electricity, but also really can let me sleep on a good call. For me, air conditioning is really the best mosquito repellent product.

Write at the end

Feeding 20 years of mosquitoes, experience a variety of anti-mosquito, mosquito repellent products, summed up the best use of nothing but electric mosquito incense and air conditioning, of course, there is another thing that has been ignored by us, that is, if there is no screen will be most of the mosquitoes blocked outside, perhaps these anti-mosquito, mosquito repellent products will be greatly reduced. So, all kinds of small partners, do you think that kind of is the best means of anti-mosquito?