(Picture) Comcast becomes first network service provider to join Mozilla TRR program

Mozilla today announced the addition of Comcast, a U.S. cable broadband provider, to the Trusted Recursive Resolution Program, TRR. The program sends DNS requests through HTTPS encryption so your ISP doesn’t know which domain name you’re querying for, increasing credibility and security.

(Picture) Comcast becomes first network service provider to join Mozilla TRR program

Cloudflare and NextDNS are now enrolled in the program and offer their DNS services to Firefox users who choose to use DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

Eric Rescorla, Chief Technology Officer of Firefox, commented on the new additions

Comcast has moved quickly to adopt DNS encryption, and we’re excited to be part of the TRR program. Incorporating ISPs into the TRR program helps us protect users’ online privacy without compromising the existing user experience. We hope this sets a precedent for further collaboration between browsers and ISPs.

Mozilla says encrypting DNS data with DoH is only the first step in securing DNS through the TRR program. It says the second step is to require companies that process data to have appropriate rules in place to process the data. Mozilla believes that these rules include restricting data collection and retention, ensuring transparency of any data retained, and restricting the use of parsers to block access to or modify content.

Jason Livingood, Vice President of Technology Policy and Standards, Comcast, said on behalf of the company

We are proud to be the first Internet service provider to partner with Mozilla to support important developments in DNS privacy. Interactionwith with the global technology community gives us better tools to protect our customers, and this partnership advances our mission to make our customers’ Internet experiences more private and secure.