Musk’s outing? Tesla fires two employees who didn’t return to work on time

BEIJING, June 26 (Xinhua) — Although CEO Elon Musk vowed in March that he would not need to work with out of touch if he felt unwell, two Tesla employees reported to The Washington Post that they were fired in June after choosing not to come to work when they illegally resumed production at the Tesla plant.

Musk's outing? Tesla fires two employees who didn't return to work on time

The two employees are Carlos Gabriel and Jessica Naro. The two said that while Tesla’s human resources department said they were fired for uncause of absenteeism, they believed the matter was related to a report to The Washington Post in May about Tesla’s work environment.

Tesla did not comment.

Musk’s allowing employees to return to work comes amid a clash between him and Tesla and Alameda County leaders over whether to return to work. Musk called the controls to control the speed of the virus’s spread fascist, even suing Alameda County in federal court. Several employees have tested positive for the virus since the Tesla plant resumed production. (Author/Frost Leaf)