Nolan’s new book, Creed, has been postponed until August 12.

Christopher Nolan’s latest work, Tenet, is scheduled to be released in North America on July 17, according tomedia CNET. But Warner Bros. has previously rescheduled the New Crown virus for a pandemic, which was released on July 31. But now Creed has been postponed again until August 12.

Nolan's new book, Creed, has been postponed until August 12.

“Warner Bros. is committed to bringing Creed to theaters on the big screen, but it’s time for the audience to get ready and public health officials,” a Warner Bros. spokesman said in a statement Thursday. “At this point, what we need is flexibility, and we don’t think of it as a traditional movie release. We chose to release it in midweek to let the audience discover the film in their own time, and we plan to develop a very different but successful distribution strategy than usual. “

Nolan’s classic “Dream Space” will be re-released next month and on July 31st to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the classic.

The latest Creed delay makes sense, as cinemas in New York and Los Angeles won’t reopen with the arrival of Phase 4. Once reopened, it will be a different kind of cinema experience, with some theaters taking physical distance measures to limit the number of people and set mask requirements, Variety reported.