U.S. Media: More than 40 Unidentified Deaths in California May Prove New Crown Long

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that there were many deaths from unexplained respiratory diseases in California, including infants and children, long before the first death from new coronary pneumonia. In the United States, there have been persistent questions about how the new coronavirus has been lurking in people and spreading on a large scale, months before it was first discovered in California. California Gov. Gavin Newsome says they are searching the state for an early case of undiscovered new coronary pneumonia.

Man dies of unexplained respiratory disease with suspected new crown pneumonia

Jeremy Draper, the son of California resident Maribeth Colts, one of the victims of an unidentified respiratory disease, was healthy but died suddenly on January 7, 2020, while visiting his parents in Orange County, California. At the time of his death, his lungs were filled with fluid and his body was hot. The Orange County coroner ruled that his death was caused by severe acute large leaf pneumonia, but the coroner did not find out what was infected.

U.S. Media: More than 40 Unidentified Deaths in California May Prove New Crown Long

Marybeth Colts and her husband (Photo Source: Los Angeles Times)

Four days after Draper’s death (11 January), China reported its first death from new crown pneumonia. On February 1st, at Draper’s funeral, reports of the new crown virus became the focus of the day.

“When new crown pneumonia appeared, everyone who knew Draper would ask me the question, ‘Do you think he died of new crown pneumonia?’ ‘I can only say, ‘I don’t know.’ Maribeth Colts said.

In fact, she really didn’t know anything.

Jeremy Draper’s case samples were kept with more than 40 other samples from other parts of California, awaiting testing by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of these, Orange County and Los Angeles County each have nine cases. Two young women in Kern County were found to have died of new crown pneumonia, one of whom died on December 21 last year. At the same time, medical personnel are testing for deaths from unknown respiratory diseases in children, as they find that the infection rate of new coronary pneumonia is similar in children to that case.

Experts say any positive results from the new coronavirus test in the sample could rewrite the record of the spread of the new coronal pneumonia in the United States.

Researchers tracking the suspected death virus say it was transmitted to humans last November from an unknown animal host. But it wasn’t until March that California’s coroner and medical examiner began using the now-common nasal swabs test to see if the deceased had died of new coronary pneumonia, and the test had to be completed within days of his death. Experts say this is because the U.S. new coronavirus detection capacity is limited, can only be tested through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the CDC regulations, only with the outbreak-related area travel history and specific symptoms, need to seek treatment can be detected.

U.S. Media: More than 40 Unidentified Deaths in California May Prove New Crown Long

The test results will have to wait a long time.

Gavin Newsome ordered a statewide coroner to review autopsy samples as early as December to “get a deeper understanding of when the epidemic really started to affect Californians” after the CDC confirmed that a Silicon Valley tech worker who died on February 6 was the first known death of new crown pneumonia in the United States.

But for California, a state of 39 million people, the CDC limits it to eight to 10 autopsy samples a week. At first, the CDC said it could only detect three to four samples a week, and it took up to two months to send back the results. On May 1st the agency’s new Crown Pneumonia DeathS team said they were trying to test 10 samples a week.

By the end of May, california health departments had submitted only two samples to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 40 more were awaiting testing.

“The cdc’s testing is very professional and needs to be carefully validated, while other types of testing in other states may not produce results as reliable as the CDC,” the CDC’s press office said. “