“On-water Tesla” Yangtze River opened China’s first thousand-ton pure electric passenger ship set sail in Han

On the evening of June 23, accompanied by the sound of a long siren, China’s first 50-meter-plus pure electric passenger ship, the Jun Brigade, sailed slowly out of the century-old pier in Wuhan. This marks the beginning of the yangtze river green energy ship era, will vigorously practice the Yangtze River protection strategy. “Jun Brigade” by the China Shipping Group Co. , Ltd. 712 Research Institute, 702 Research Institute jointly developed, Wuhan Tourism Development and Investment Group investment and construction, 53.2 meters long, 14.3 meters wide, 2 floors, can ride 300 tourists.

“Jun Brigade” leaves Wuhan Guanpier

“This is the first domestic passenger ship to meet the latest china classification society’s latest pure battery-powered ship inspection standards, with high-security lithium batteries, high-efficiency frequency drive, intelligent ship handling and many other stunts.” Gui Wenbin, Director of the 712 Institute, introduced. The ship is powered by lithium batteries, compared with the same scale fuel-powered ships can save nearly 100 tons of fuel per year, carbon-free, sulfur and other waste pollutants emissions, operating noise only about 50 decibels, 6 hours fully charged can last 8 hours.

The “Jun-Tour” tour route is located in the core area of the Yangtze River spindle, and during the 1-hour voyage, visitors can enjoy the scenery of Jianghanguan, Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River light show and so on.