What are the fast food favorites of the american states during the blockade?

According tomedia BGR, the new crown pandemic has affected almost every aspect of people’s daily lives, from working from home to keeping social distance and wearing masks, but one thing has not changed: the American people’s love of fast food. A market research firm called Top Data calculated the numbers and provided a very interesting map showing year-on-year trends in fast food in every u.S. state.

What are the fast food favorites of the american states during the blockade?

McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell all have a significant share of the U.S. state, but Sonic is a bit of a surprise, becoming the fast-food destination of choice for American diners who are venturing out.

Alabama: Sonic

Arizona: Sonic

Arkansas: Sonic

California: McDonald’s

Colorado: Chick-fil-A

Connecticut: Wendy’s

Delaware: Chick-fil-A

Florida: Chick-fil-A

Georgia: McDonald’s

Idaho: Sonic

Illinois: Wendy’s

Indiana: Chick-fil-A

Iowa: Taco Bell

Kansas : Sonic

Kentucky: Sonic

Louisiana: Popeyes

Maine: Taco Bell

Maryland: Chick-fil-A

Massachusetts: Taco Bell

Michigan: Taco Bell

Minnesota: Taco Bell

Mississippi: Sonic

Missouri: Sonic

Montana: Wendy’s

Nebraska: Sonic

Nevada: McDonald’s

New Hampshire: Taco Bell

New Jersey: Wendy’s

New Mexico: Sonic

New York State: Wendy’s

North Carolina: McDonald’s

North Dakota: McDonald’s

Ohio: Taco Bell

Oklahoma: Sonic

Oregon: Taco Bell

Pennsylvania: McDonald’s

Rhode Island: McDonald’s

South Carolina: Sonic

South Dakota: Culver’s

Tennessee: Sonic

Texas: Sonic

Utah: Wendy’s

Vermont: Taco Bell

Virginia: McDonald’s

Washington State: Wendy’s

West Virginia: Wendy’s

Wisconsin: Culver’s

Wyoming: Wendy’s

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional combination of food/speed in restaurants such as McDonald’s forced the restaurant to close, while Sonic’s car-restaurant model changed little. Sonic’s side-by-car ordering and delivering meals is basically the same as ever, although there are more masks and some precautions. The decades-old car chain will eventually be the best choice for Americans during the 2020 new crown, which many did not expect.