Musk claims to be able to play THE GTA5 on Tesla’s car computer

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who likes to interact with users on social media, just revealed on Twitter that the company is planning a fresh experience for users of The Grand Theft Auto 5. Given that Model 3’s in-vehicle infotainment system may not perform enough, netizens are skeptical that the extra calculation swerves from there, after all, the company has previously introduced only a few mini-games (mainly works from the Atari era).

Musk claims to be able to play THE GTA5 on Tesla's car computer

The racing game, shown above, allows users to simulate operation sither through the car’s steering wheel and pedals.

In addition to the introduction, Musk also often releases smokebombs, such as the easy-to-speak “Radiation Shelter” and “The Witcher.”

Cnet, amedia outlet, sent Tesla a request for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Before Model 3 actually introduces GTA 5, let’s review the minimum PC system requirements for this 2013 game —

The CPU is configured to be quad-core-2.5GHz-start-start, memory-4GB/memory 1GB, hard drive capacity of 65GB, and the recommended configuration is almost doubled. For comparison, the Tesla 2 MCU2 that model 3 comes with is clearly difficult to handle.

Depending on the processor, MCU2, based on the Intel Atom E8000 Series CPU, meets the needs in terms of core numbers. Unfortunately, it has a frequency of only 1.04 GHz, less than half the underlying requirement.

Musk claims to be able to play THE GTA5 on Tesla's car computer

What you don’t know in depth, however, is the powerful HW3 hardware that Tesla’s self-driving assistance system comes with.

If an engineer finds a way to simulate running GTA 5 on it, it’s still promising.

It is reported that the Tesla FSD computer uses two sets of AI chips, floating-point computing performance of up to 72 teraflops per second.

By comparison, Apple’s new Mac Pro has a 56 teraflops and Microsoft’s Xbox One X has only 12 teraflops.

If you can’t wait for Tesla’s official GTA 5, a hands-on friend can also try streaming games running on your PC to a car screen via Rainway software.