Intel’s official website “hand slip”: pre-confirm 12 generation Core processor swerves to the LGA1700 interface

10 generation Core desktop processor quietly replaced the LGA1200 interface, resulting in the old motherboard is not compatible. From the information available, the interface will continue to 11 generations of Rocket Lake. However, 12 generations of Core, Intel is going to have to start a new set of interfaces to meet more core symmetric and higher performance metrics.

Alder Lake-S appeared on Intel’s official developer resources website and confirmed that it had been modified to the LGA 1700 interface, according tomedia.

In addition to the desktop Alder Lake-S, there is Alder Lake-P, which theoretically corresponds to the Atom product line, the most recent P-Series is “Snow Ridge”, which goes straight to the 24-core.

In addition, Intel’s switch to the interface is said to be related to significant changes in the internal architecture of the product, namely big LITTE size core, large core Golden Cove, small core Gracemont.

While the interface change is not friendly to older users, given that Alder Lake-S is expected to bring support for DDR5 memory for the first time, it has to be accepted.