Is it an oral cleanser or an IQ tax? The value of the puncher is not worth buying.

Teeth, as the hardest organ of the body, are responsible for cutting and chewing food, but also to maintain the shape of the face and assist in pronunciation. I believe we all remember when we changed their teeth and spoke in the air. The importance of teeth is self-evident. Nowadays, we are also paying more and more attention to their own teeth and mouth health problems, after all, have a clean mouth of clean teeth, will make people laugh more confident.

As a result, a variety of teeth, oral care items quickly spread, electric toothbrushes and teethers are the two most popular. However, unlike electric toothbrushes, which have been recognized by most people, the punchhas have been controversial and highly recommended by some, some as IQ taxes. Today, let’s talk about this controversial appliance.

What’s the use of the puncher?

The main function of our teeth is to chew and bite food, the teeth will be left with physical residue, soft scale and plaque. When the number of dental plaque is small, it is difficult to observe with the naked eye, when the bacteria multiply, dental plaque can gradually be observed by the naked eye, if you do not pay attention to the cleaning of dental plaque, it is easy to cause the two most common diseases in the mouth: rickets and periodontal disease.

Dental plaque is rooted very strongly, can not be washed away by water or rinse, can only be removed by mechanical methods. Brushing with a toothbrush is a good way to remove plaque. However, the toothbrush can only brush to the tooth of the tooth, the tooth seam seems a little powerless, want to remove the tooth in the tooth seam, you can only rely on another tool – floss. Tooth plaques in the teeth can be effectively removed by flossing and rubbing.

The puncher is the use of small high-pressure water flushing instead of floss friction, so the tooth ertiner’s other name is called water floss.

The principle of the puncher

The teething machine on the market has high-frequency pulse type, ultrasonic water flow, jet and so on, but either way, the principle of the puncher can be simply understood as an electric water gun, inside for a motor-driven piston pump. Of course, the principle of simple does not mean that the structure is simple, because the ordinary water flow can not wash away the plaque, only high-pressure water flow can play a mechanical role in washing away the tooth plaque. Therefore, a better quality puncher, the price is usually not very low.

Is it an oral cleanser or an IQ tax? The value of the puncher is not worth buying.

Is the puncher IQ tax?

Can the teeth puncher be able to clear the tooth plaque in the tooth seam very well, is it really so big? Many people are skeptical. Some people will think that the punch is an IQ tax, can play a small role.

To this end, the author looked for a lot of research and experimental articles on the clinical application effect of the teething machine. Here I’m going to take an example with an article published in the journal Oral Medicine.

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the clinical effect of pressure spray punching device on the control of plaque in patients with periodontal disease. The experiment randomly divided 120 patients with periodontal disease into four groups, one for oral cleaning using papyness brushing, one with papyness brushing to match flossing, one using papystre brushing method with a teething machine, and a group that did not brush teeth, using only a puncher for oral cleaning. Then, the four groups of patients were compared with the gum index (GI) and the plaque index (PLI) after 1 or 3 months, respectively, using a non-oral cleaning device.

Is it an oral cleanser or an IQ tax? The value of the puncher is not worth buying.

(Data source: Xie Le, Wu Wei, Sun Weibin.) The clinical effect of the pressure spray puncher on the control of plaque in patients with periodontal disease. Oral Medicine, 2017 (1): 45-48)

It is clear from the experimental data that there was no significant difference between gum index and plaque index after 1 or 3 months, using only papyressis or teething. It can be seen that brushing teeth alone or using a puncher is not effective in removing plaque. And the use of pasteurizing method with the teething device, in 1 month and 3 months later, the oral health condition is significantly better than the previous two groups, indicating that the correct brushing method with the upper teething device, can be very good to remove dental plaque.

Interestingly, the use of pasteurizing with flossing does not have a significant effect on the removal of plaque. However, many studies have proved that floss ingenosis on the removal of plaque, why the experiment has no obvious effect. Here, the researchers speculate, it’s because flossing is complex, patients without professional training are easy to master and easy to clean. While some patients have bleeding gums or trauma areas, patients are afraid to aggravate gum damage, afraid to use floss. This may be the reason why the experimental group data did not change significantly.

There are many clinical studies on teething machines that interested partners can consult themselves. These studies also confirm the role of the puncher in oral cleaning. Although the effect of the puncher and ordinary floss are the same, but the teething machine operation is more convenient and simple, with time and effort, of course, the price is more expensive. Therefore, in the author’s opinion, the teething machine is not an IQ tax.

Write at the end

The puncher does help us with our oral cleanliness, especially for those with periodontitis or in or in the orthopaedic correction, the puncher is still necessary, and perhaps your doctor will recommend your use. Of course, for people with relatively healthy mouths, but also regularly clean the tooth seam speckled plaque, if you can be skilled and correct use of floss, then the teething machine for you is not necessary. If you don’t use floss, buying a puncher and regularly maintaining oral hygiene may reduce the number of times you wash your teeth each year. Finally, again, remind you that the puncher is used with a toothbrush, not instead of a toothbrush.