Tesla Berlin superfactory structure begins construction

Construction of Tesla’s Berlin superfactory plant will soon begin as columns and beams arrive by train. Tesla CEO Musk announced at an awards ceremony in Berlin, Germany, on November 12 last year that the company’s European superplant would be built in Berlin, Germany.

Tesla Berlin superfactory structure begins construction

Tesla Berlin superfactory structure begins construction

The plant is Tesla’s fourth superplant, with three other ones, shanghai-based Supercell, Nevada’s SuperCell, and Buffalo, N.Y.’

Tesla has been pushing ahead with the project since January. The company began deforestation in February, obtained land leveling and excavation permits in March, and began building foundations at the end of May with preliminary construction permits from Germany’s State Environmental Agency.

On June 22 this year, pictures of the plant’s progress were posted on social media. Pictures show that there are multiple diggers, bulldozers in the construction, there are also a number of slag trucks in the transport of sand and earth.

In addition, there has been an increase in tower cranes on the site, including three that have been assembled and one in the process of being assembled.

Recently, the construction of the plant and preparations have begun to take shape. Photos released by Tobias Lindh on Friday showed freight trains transporting a series of columns and beams to berlin’s superfactory plant.

The presence of columns and beams, as well as the basic work previously completed by the construction crew, indicate that construction of the plant is about to begin.

Earlier, Musk said on Twitter that the plant would be used to produce batteries, powertrains and vehicles, starting with the production of Model Y.

The plant will start production in 2021, with the first phase focusing on the production of Model Y, with the goal of producing 10,000 vehicles per week. Once operational, the plant is expected to create about 12,000 jobs.