Microsoft China responds by closing physical stores: China’s market unaffected

Microsoft recently announced that it will permanently close its brick-and-mortar stores and focus on its online stores in the future. Microsoft China responded to Sina Digital on the matter, saying that offline Microsoft stores and 3C electrical retailers in the Chinese market were not affected by the announcement and would remain in normal operations.

Microsoft China responds by closing physical stores: China's market unaffected

On Friday, U.S. time, Microsoft abruptly announced the closure of all physical stores, including the United States (including Puerto Rico) and its overseas markets, which are understood to include Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Only four stores in New York, London, Sydney and Redmond, headquarters, will be left as hubs of experience, but will no longer be sold. Microsoft will therefore include $450 million in asset write-off charges related to the store.

The Microsoft Store team will focus on its online store,, where users can get support, sales, and training.

Microsoft said its Microsoft Store retail team members will continue to help users on the site. A Microsoft spokesman for the U.S. also told the media that all store employees will have the opportunity to stay at Microsoft.

How to dispose of retail stores in the Chinese market has been the focus of attention. Microsoft China china said that the Chinese market’s Microsoft offline retail stores are authorized stores and 3C electrical retailers stores, the Chinese market’s Microsoft authorized stores and 3C electrical retailers are not affected by the news release, to maintain normal operations.

It is reported that at present, Microsoft in the Chinese market offline stores are authorized stores or 3C electrical retailers stores, rather than unofficial direct stores, the official direct business only through the online Microsoft Official Mall and its official Microsoft China flagship store in Tmall sales.