Ai Piying: Bankruptcy rumors are ‘pure rumors’, but travel is no longer what it was

Recently, the News of the Impresso of Airbnb, the US-share accommodation platform, is on the rise. On the evening of June 26, Airbnb said in a top message on its official microblog: “Thank you for your concern, it’s a rumor.” “

Ai Piying: Bankruptcy rumors are 'pure rumors', but travel is no longer what it was

“I don’t rule out the possibility of this year, but i don’t want to commit to the listing schedule now,” Brian Chesky, the co-founder and chief executive, said in an interview with Bloomberg television and CNBC on June 22. “

In the same day’s interview, Chesky also said he feared he would lose everything in just four weeks. “It feels like everything in the company is falling apart. We have to look straight into the abyss and we don’t know if it will recover or when it will recover. Since then, Chesky’s interview has been mispronounced as “Airbnb is on the verge of bankruptcy.”

Ai Piying: Bankruptcy rumors are 'pure rumors', but travel is no longer what it was

According to an explanation posted on EpiPen’s official microblog, Chesky noted that he believes the next trend is “the end of our perceived travel concept.” That doesn’t mean the trip is over, it’s just that the trip won’t be what we used to know.” Mr. Chesky argues that it’s not so much that the world’s population travels to a few cities and stays at major tourist attractions as a redistribution of future destinations, and that they’re going to travel around thousands of local communities.

According to a previous Bloomberg report, the data showed that as of June 17, bookings in the U.S. were up 20 percent year-on-year.

According to the 2020 China Dragon Boat Festival holiday travel trend data released by Ai Biying, the night between the Ai-Ying platform during the Dragon Boat Festival (as of June 16) is 1.3 times that of the Labor Day holiday (as of April 22).

Among them, in the Ai-Ying platform, during the Dragon Boat Festival, Shanghai residential search heat to maintain the first, Hangzhou and Changsha jumped to the second and third. In addition, Shenzhen and Ningbo are also newly promoted this year’s Ai-Ying platform hot search list.