Simple modification of the registry to prevent Windows 10 feature update downloads

Last month, Microsoft released an Update for May 2020, but the update was accompanied by a host of known issues. Although the updates were still not available to everyone, Microsoft later chose to prevent Windows 10 Pro, enterprise, and education users from postponing updates, forcing them to download and install them when these devices were available. For users who really don’t plan to upgrade, Microsoft has now released a document on controlling Windows feature updates and provides a new way to prevent Windows 10 feature updates.

You can follow the steps below to prevent feature updates from downloading to your device, or even choose a version you can use yourself to make yourself available.

Simple modification of the registry to prevent Windows 10 feature update downloads

Press Windows sR to turn on “Run” and enter “Regedit” and click OK (if you receive a UAC prompt, click “Yes”)

Left tree navigation bar to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Policies/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate”

Right-click “WindowsUpdate” and “New” and “DWORD (32-bit) value”.

Name DWORD “TargetReleaseVersion” (without quotation marks) and set its value to “1” (without quotation marks).

Right-click “WindowsUpdate” and navigate to “New” and “String Value.”

Name the string value “TargetReleaseVersionInfo” (without quotation marks) and set the value to the version of Windows 10 that you want to keep for the last time. For example, if you don’t want to update to Windows 10 v2004 and want to stick with 1909, enter “1909” (without quotation marks) as the value.

This makes it easy to pause Windows 10 updates on your device. Now you can close the registry editor and continue your life without worrying about bugs following the arrival of a system upgrade, which does not affect regular security updates, and if you need to upgrade your system in the future, you can remove these new DWORD values and string values, or you can choose to manually download the upgrade image installation.

Note that changing/adding key and string values in the registry editor is risky, so start-ups think twice.

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