U.S. woman who burned police car found by FBI: ‘Five-star’ revealed identity

Good end of the car was set on fire, I believe most people will not bear to swallow, not to mention the police! In the days leading up to the worst of the riots in the United States, police cars were burned down across the country, and the FBI recently began looking for these people, one of whom was an arsonist who was found through a five-star online shopping.

U.S. woman who burned police car found by FBI: 'Five-star' revealed identity

According tomedia reports, the FBI recently said that according to the burning car at the scene of the dress tracking of its online shopping records, has found the May 30 in the protest burned the police car woman.

The FBI said that although the girl was covered, investigators analyzed the text of the girl’s T-shirt and found that the shirt was custom made and sold on Etsy.

FBI agents then went online to search the store where the T-shirt was sold and saw a five-star review from Philadelphia. According to the comment’s ID, the FBI targeted the man’s name, Lore Elisabeth, on another e-commerce website and social networking site.

After inquiries, a massage therapist in Philadelphia called it, and a promotional video on the massage agency’s official website revealed a massage therapist’s arm with a tattoo of an arson suspect on it.

Combined with the evidence, the FBI eventually targeted the arson suspect. She is understood to face up to 80 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000 (about 3.53 million yuan).