Foreign media: SnapDragon 875 costs soar 60% next year Android flagship will rise in price

After entering the 5G era, due to the pressure of component cost, Android phones, especially high-end flagship machine prices rose. According tomedia reports, the latest revelations indicate that the price of the SnapDragon 875 will rise further, more than 60% more expensive than the SnapSnapdragon 865, which could force a new round of price increases for Android’s flagship machine.

Media: SnapDragon 875 costs soar 60% next year Android flagship will rise in price

The entire SnapSnapdragon 865 component costs between $150 and $160, while the SnapDragon 875 costs $250 ($1,700 plus), up more than 60 percent, according to the source. Xiaomi is currently discussing how its next-generation flagship should be priced, according to whistleblower Sleepy Kuma.

Xiaomi is reportedly planning to further reduce the price of camera lenses and other components, most likely to introduce competitive products to the public.

But if the rumours are true, there’s no doubt that next year’s Android flagship will be more expensive.

According to previous reports, the SnapDragon 875 is Qualcomm’s flagship SOC based on a 5nm process, using the Kryo 685 architecture, integrated Adreno 660 GPU, equipped with spectra 580 image processing engine, support 802.11ax, four-channel LPDDR5 memory.

Not only that, but the SnapDragon 875 will also feature qualm SnapDragonX60 5G modems and RF systems, the third-generation Qualcomm 5G solution after the X50 and X55, just a year from the previous X55’s official release, and it’s unclear whether it’s an integrated DragonSnapX60 or an external solution.

As is customary, the flagship terminal, which is equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon 875, is expected to be available in early 2021.