“Gucci Wolf 4” Microsoft Mall appears to buy tips or there will be internal purchase elements

According to the relevant information published in the Microsoft Marketplace (Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time), players can now see “Offers in-app purchases” on the marketplace page, meaning “in-app purchase elements.” At the same time, players can also find the skin content of “The Wolverine 4” on this page, which means that “The Wolverine 4” may contain elements of the internal purchase.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Marketplace page:

“The Wolverine 4” game features:

– Long-awaited sequel: From the end of the trilogy, the story begins, neo Cortex and Dr. Nefarious Tropy escaped from prison and broke the boundary of time and space. Now crash and coco must save the world.

-The rules of reality: the rules of manipulating time, turning the world upside down, and distorting the rules of reality. Use different masks to acquire new skills and assemble the ability of all masks to restore order to the universe.

-Breaking the conventional logic and fashion sense: new skills, new characters, multiple submetes, exaggerated bosss, the same recipes, to create a non-linear cosmic adventure.

“Guccio Wolf 4” is expected to land on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms on October 2, so stay tuned, and interested players can click here for a link to the Microsoft Marketplace page.