A large number of new equipment enters Tesla’s Shanghai plant: Model Y or production within the year

According tomedia reports, with the construction of the Tesla Shanghai plant phase 2 project into the later stages, the upcoming production of Model Y models in the future plant has also ushered in some important internal upgrades. Reported that the number of freight trucks to Tesla’s Shanghai plant has increased significantly, and more importantly, these trucks are loaded with new equipment.

A large number of new equipment enters Tesla's Shanghai plant: Model Y or production within the year

A drone operator named Jason Yang recorded the latest video and showed the latest progress on Tesla’s Shanghai plant phase 2 on YouTube. Video taken by the Tesla fan shows the roof of the current plant being waterproofed and taking about a month or so before the exterior of the plant is completely closed.

Interestingly, one Tesla employee at the Shanghai plant said there had been a much larger number of trucks coming and exiting the plant recently, and that the trucks were loaded with vehicle production equipment. Tesla officials did not say why the number of trucks is on the rise, but it is likely that construction of the plant, which will be responsible for the production of the Model Y electric SUV, is coming to an end. When building the Model 3 plant last year, Tesla was also installing production equipment in phase 1 at this stage.

It may not be long before robots and other equipment for vehicle manufacturing will appear in the Second Phase 2 area of Tesla’s Shanghai plant. And if fast enough, Tesla could even start trialling the Model Y, a pure-electric SUV, this year. The previous outbreak has had some impact on the construction of Tesla’s new plant.

If Tesla can start production of Model Y this year, the move will significantly accelerate the company’s expansion in China. After all, China is not only the world’s largest consumer of cars, but also the world’s largest consumer of electric vehicles. In the Chinese market, Tesla is under increasing competitive pressure, in addition to the traditional car companies have started to launch electric vehicles, there are also many new forces in the local car-making enterprises. Because the Model Y is a cross-border model that is more popular with Chinese consumers and has a better advantage over its competitors, Tesla’s technology is likely to be a success in China.

Tesla is expected to begin delivering model Y models in China from next year, and if Tesla can complete construction of the Model Y plant in the next few months, they are likely to start delivering new cars in early 2021, similar to the Model 3’s development trajectory in China, where Tesla began delivering the Model 3 to Chinese consumers in January.