A EV car in Shanghai tunnel rolling backwards because of power outage

With the development of domestic new energy vehicle supporting facilities and services, new energy vehicle sales are rising, the recognition of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher. Although new energy vehicles are currently significantly better than fuel vehicles, on subsidy, acceleration experience and daily use costs, the issue of  range is the lingering haze of new energy vehicles. Many EV car owners  may have encountered the situation of breakdowns , which is not only trouble, but also a certain degree of safety.

Recently, according to chinese media reports, in Shanghai Anton Road tunnel near the exit direction,   a car rolls backwards, fortunately there were no casualties.

In the video, a white car rolls backwards from a distance, and as the section is downhill, the car rolls faster and faster, while a man dressed in red can be seen holding onto the vehicle and prompting the rear vehicle to avoid it.

A new energy vehicle in Shanghai tunnel mouth of the car slip car exhausted power lost brake

After investigation, it was learned that the white car is a  electric vehicle, because of energy exhaustion, lost brake energy efficiency, this occurred .

It is reported that this white new energy vehicle of BAIC new energy EV models, is currently in a state of suspension. In response to the above situation, BAIC did not respond to the relevant request until now.

In this regard, many netizens question  whether the electric vehicle involved because there is no electricity, resulting in the loss of braking .

There are also netizens said that when the electric car is out of  electric, there will be a great security risk, but will not completely fail. Because the energy of the entire control system of an all-electric vehicle is “electronic”, a single electronic control system can have many unforeseen risks, such as a sudden power outage, all control systems will lose power source, but the steering can still operate, but no power is heavier, and the braking system can continue to brake, the same relatively laborious.

The main reason is that drivers who are used to power-assistance, don’t know how to do it without it. Therefore, I hope that the vast number of car owners, before travel to ensure that the continuous air mileage sufficient, adequate supplies.