Microsoft may release next-generation Xbox low-sized version in August

According tomedia reports, a recentleaky Microsoft document shows that the company is planning to launch a second generation Xbox console, which is now rumoured to be released in August or will be named the Xbox Series S. Microsoft originally reportedly planned to release a console codenamed “Lockhart” in June. Now the company has postponed its release until August, with reports saying the console will be named the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft may release next-generation Xbox low-sized version in August

Illustration: Xbox Series S Concept Map

Microsoft has been working for months to launch the relatively low-priced Xbox console. A Microsoft document leaked last week further explains the company’s plans. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X developer suite, codenamed Dante, allows game developers to enable a special Lockhart mode to match the performance of Microsoft’s new console.

It was previously reported that the console, codenamed Lockhart, has a slightly lower CPU main frequency, but new documents show lockhart will have the same CPU main frequency as the Xbox Series X. Lockhart consoles will be equipped with 7.5GB of available memory, with GPU performance of about 4 trillion floating-point operations. By comparison, the Xbox Series X has 13.5GB of available memory and 12 trillion floating-point operations.

If the reports are true, Microsoft may choose to release the low-sized Xbox console in August and announce the price of the Xbox Series X console. Considering that the second generation of Xbox consoles also supports displays with resolutions of 1080p and 1440p, this low-cost console is more affordable. Microsoft will detail the pricing of the two consoles and have reason to think it will be bundled with the Xbox All Access subscription service.

Xbox All Access, the Xbox One’s all-digital subscription service, currently costs $19.99, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft will also bundle its Project xCloud game streaming technology into the Xbox Game Pass later this year, so it may be more attractive for those who don’t need a more powerful Xbox Series X console.