To catch up with the Us, China: EU to increase funding for space exploration

According to a report, the EU is likely to invest more in rockets, satellites and space exploration,media reported. European Commission Commissioner Thierry Breton told Reuters on Sunday that the European Union hopes to catch up with the United States and China in space, especially given SpaceX’s recent success in sending NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and China’s lunar exploration mission last year.

To catch up with the Us, China: EU to increase funding for space exploration

The report said the EU would sign a 1 billion euro deal with Arianespace to further participate in space innovation. Arianespace is a commercial rocket launch company operating in France.

“Space is one of Europe’s strengths, and we are providing ourselves with the means to accelerate,” Breton told the media. He added that the EU would seek reusable rockets, “SpaceX has redefined the standard for launchers, so the Ariane 6 is a necessary step, but not the ultimate goal: we must now start thinking about the Ariane 7.” “

The Ariane 6 is a rocket launcher developed by the European Space Agency, and its first flight plan is in 2020, but it has yet to materialise.

Breton is reportedly seeking an additional 16 billion euros for space exploration in the European Commission’s next budget, of which 1 billion euros will be spent on european space funds to help space start-ups.

It has also been revealed that the EU is also considering launching a satellite system to provide high-speed internet across the continent, like SpaceX’s Starlink satellite cluster.

Commissioner Breton’s team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.