Tesla’s 10-year-old nasdaq is trading at nearly 60 times the offering price.

June 30, according tomedia reports, June 29, 2010, electric car manufacturer Tesla landed on the NASDAQ, the current Tesla on the NASDAQ listing has also been 10 years, Tesla’s share price after the listing also rose sharply, the current share price is now nearly 60 times the original price. When it listed on Nasdaq 10 years ago, Tesla issued 13.3 million shares at $17 a share, raising $226 million.

Tesla's 10-year-old nasdaq is trading at nearly 60 times the offering price.

When it went on sale in 2010, Tesla’s electric cars for the masses were not yet available, with only the electric sports car Tesla Roadster, but since its launch, Tesla has introduced the Model S, Model X, Model 3, electric truck Semi, crossover sport utility vehicle Model Y and electric pickup network, with an increasing variety of models.

At the time of the launch, Tesla did not have a large vehicle production plant, but in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the time, they disclosed that they had reached an agreement with a joint venture between GM and Toyota to acquire the Fremont plant, which later became the assembly plant for Tesla’s electric cars and is currently Tesla’s largest and most-produced vehicle assembly plant. In addition to Fremont’s assembly plant, the launch of Tesla, it has also invested in a superplant in Nevada, and the Shanghai super plant has been put into operation, with large-scale construction this year and a Berlin super plant.

With more electric vehicle models and more factories, Tesla’s achievements in electric vehicles are also becoming more remarkable, with four model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y models now in production, with production and delivery of electric vehicles exceeding 300,000 last year, both hitting new highs.

Tesla’s stock price has also risen sharply since the launch.

On the day after the listing, which closed on Monday, Tesla’s shares were trading at $1009.35, up $49.61, or 5.17 percent, from $959.74 at the close of the previous session.

Monday’s close of $1009.35 was $992.35 higher than the $17 issue price it was when it went public a decade ago, nearly 60 times the original offering price and now worth $187.2 billion.