Another “goddess” in the car industry: Bentley Muschamp officially bid farewell

There was a time when ultra-luxury flagship cars kept Bentley’s profits, such as in the elegant era, when Bentley could sell 1,200 cars a year. Although it is too few cars to match the mainstream, for a company like Bentley, selling 1,200 hand-made elegums is enough to sell, even more than Rolls-Royce. Now, however, Bentley’s flagship, The Museo, is in production.

According tomedia reports, the car was also officially discontinued with the official release of Bentley’s penultimate Mushan (6.75 Edition version). As for the last Muschamp, the car is still in a state of confidentiality, and it is likely that it will be released after the public display.

Bentley diamond stand,” unlike Rolls-Royce’s Flying Goddess

It is understood that Bentley Mushan in 2009 the world’s first round of the Beach car, in the past 11 years, Bentley Mushan has delivered more than 7,300 vehicles worldwide, more than 700 people involved in this work, a total of nearly 3 million hours.

Commenting on The Musean shutdown, Bentley chief executive Adrian Hallmark has previously said Bentley has decided to abandon research and development of Muschamp’s next-generation model, hinting that a new plug-in hybrid SUV is likely to be the brand’s flagship.

According to him, “When I joined Bentley 20 years ago, our flagship, the big four-door super-luxury car, sold about 1,200 units a year. But Muschamp’s annual sales have fallen to about 550 units. “

According to Adrian Hallmark, Bentley’s target customer base is changing, with people now more inclined to buy SUVs, which now account for 47 per cent of the brand’s sales.

There is very limited news about the new SUV model, which is expected to be positioned on top of the company and will be launched in 2025, with a plug-in mixing system in terms of power.