“Island Crisis: Reengraved Edition” game real-life trailer opens Microsoft Store leak

“Island Crisis: Re-engraved” official lying was scheduled for July 2 nd. Beijing time, 0:00 open game real-time promotional film, but today (June 30) Microsoft Mall to players revealed a lot of information about the book, a two-minute game trailer was also suddenly “leaked” (clarity only 720P), do not know whether this is “island crisis: re-engraved version” was originally intended to open public propaganda content.

“Island Crisis: Re-engraved” game preview:

According to the Microsoft Store, “Island Crisis: Re-engraved Edition” will be officially released on July 23, landing on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms, from this leaked game trailer we can also see a lot of real-life screen from the game, the return of the “graphics killer” people are still living?

Microsoft Store Page: Point Me To Know

Screenshot of the video: