As the number of new crown cases rises, some U.S. states are reinstating new crown blockades.

According tomedia reports, this development should not surprise anyone, in the face of the new crown virus quickly implemented and strict blockade measures in the country’s new crown pneumonia cases began to drop significantly. At the same time, states that are not taking the new crown virus pandemic seriously are now experiencing a surge in new crown cases.

As the number of new crown cases rises, some U.S. states are reinstating new crown blockades.


One consequence of this is that the response to the new crown has inexplicably become a political issue. So while states like New York and Illinois are slowly but beginning to reopen, states like Florida, Texas, California and Arizona may have to revert to their previous blockades.

In fact, in some states the process has already begun. Texas, for example, announced on Friday that all bars must be closed and restaurants can operate at 50 percent of the space.

“At the moment, it’s clear that the increase in the number of cases (of new crown pneumonia) is largely driven by certain types of activity, including Texas people gathering at bars,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said of the new restrictions. The actions in this executive order are critical to our mission to quickly contain the virus and protect public health. “

Meanwhile, California Gov. Gavin Nesom recently ordered bars in seven counties to reopen because of a worrying spike in cases of new crown virus and hospitalizations linked to the new coronavirus.

The sad reality is that all the blockademeasures imposed over the past few months may be in vain. With the number of cases of new crown viruses reaching new highs, even states with declining growth rates of the new crown virus are likely to grow in the coming weeks and months.

As CNN points out, the U.S. may not be able to beat the new coronavirus until an effective vaccine is developed.