New “blood purification” technology: use magnets to remove harmful substances from the body

Researchers have developed a new “blood purification” system that can be used to eliminate diseases such as leukemia, sepsis and malaria in the body. Dr. George Frodsham, the main developer of the system, said the system, called MediSeve, could begin human trials in 2020.

“In theory, the system is a very powerful potential tool for removing pathogens, viruses, bacteria and anything we can specifically bind to,” Dr. George said. ”

In this system, blood is collected from patients and then injected with tiny magnetic particles that bind to a particular disease, the researchers note. The system then uses magnets to capture the combined substance before clean blood is pumped back into the patient.

The process is then repeated several times until the disease is low enough to be cleared by the immune system or a short course of medication, which can only be completed in a matter of hours.

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