Intel 10nm plus processor power IPC 25% ahead of Ryzen 3000

Recently in the European Hardware Awards, AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 3000 series processor snout, this year’s popularity, word-of-mouth and sales win-win. Intel’s Tiger Lake processor, which has a 10nm plus process this year, will be upgraded to the Willow Cove core, where IPC performance is about 25 percent ahead of the Ryzen 3000.

Tiger Lake processor at the CES exhibition this year officially announced, not far from the official launch, it will adopt an enhanced version of the 10nm plus process, integration of the new Willow Cove CPU architecture, Xe GPU architecture, and greatly enhance the AI capabilities, the product sequence will be classified into the 11th generation Core, known models are i7-1185G7, i7-1165G7 and so on, up to 5GHz acceleration.

The performance tests of the Tiger Lake processor flow out from time to time, so what about the actual results? The Performance Comparison of the Core i7-1165G7 and Ryzen 9 3900XT, which is 4.7GHz (should be single-core acceleration), was published on the Anandtech website forum.

Intel 10nm plus processor power IPC 25% ahead of Ryzen 3000

According to User’s benchmark test results, core i7-1165G7’s single-core score is 173, Ryzen’s single-core score of 9 3900XT is 140, resulting in a lead of about 24% (the blaster says it is about 25% ahead).

Considering the same frequency, a 25% lead means that Intel’s 10nm-process Willow Cove architecture is more than 25% higher than the IPC performance of the 7nm Zen2 architecture, which is a big gap, even if the 10nm process high frequency is no longer good, if there is a 25% IPC advantage that is also invincible.

However, User’s benchmark test results are relatively single, and many A-rice does not recognize the site’s test authority, so this matter is still open to discussion.

In addition, not only Intel upgrade, AMD this year also has Zen3 architecture Ryzen processor market, not to mention the frequency of the 7nm plus process to increase, IPC performance rumors alone on the increase of 10-15%, anyway AMD will not sit back, has turned over the market is not so easy to lose back.