Apple channel on-shelf game number part of the product is at risk of being off the shelf

The dynamics of game numbers have been highly regarded in the industry. Earlier this year, Apple changed the rules for app upload back-office review pages to require gaming companies to submit approval numbers for any paid games released in Chinese mainland or games that can be available for in-app purchases by June 30 this year. Now, the time has passed for Apple to request a game approval number, and there are rumors that apple will launch some versionless game products from July. Securities Times reporter has to a number of game practitioners to verify, most practitioners said they have heard the news.

On-shelf number

It was reported in July that Apple would launch thousands of mobile games in the App Store in China that have not been approved by the government, and Chinese game developers and publishers have been told that their iOS games will need a license to continue operating from July.

In February, Apple caused a lot of attention in the industry when it pushed a notice from domestic developers asking it to submit a game approval number by June 30. And this time Apple will be off the no-page game news, once again provoked the nerves of practitioners.

“Now that Apple is asking for a version of the version of the new game to be launched after July 1st, in line with national policy, it has been confirmed, but it remains to be confirmed whether the game, which is already on the market, will be off the shelves.” “A large gaming company responsible for Apple channel on the shelf staff told the Securities Times reporter, how to deal with the product has been put on the shelves but no version number, these days will also have clear requirements.

“It’s not really a new policy, it’s been a long time coming. Apple has previously announced that games that require paid downloads or in-game paid products to be available by the end of June, but free games or products monetised through pure advertising seem to be excluded. Cheng Xuanang, founder of Wuhan Shanxuan Technology Co., Ltd., said.

“If you ask to get off the shelf, it may be the products that hit the side ball in the short term, including skin change, set number, armor bag and other games.” Cheng said.

Executives at another A-share-listed gaming company also told reporters that they had heard that Apple would take off the shelves of some of the no-plate games, but that the exact implementation was uncertain. Many game companies have some problems with the number, especially small and medium-sized game companies.

However, as Apple officials have not publicly responded to the news, there is uncertainty as to whether, when and by what type and number of shelves will be taken off the shelves. There are also practitioners analysis that from Apple’s previous operations, it is difficult to all off the shelf no version of the game.

“There was previously talk that it would take off on June 20th, but now it’s time to start off in July. This may be related to the introduction of new rules related to game management, originally expected to be open for comments at the end of June, but later delayed until July, so the rumors were postponed to July. Sun Lei, a senior adviser at Beijing’s Yan’an Law Firm, told reporters.

“Vietnam has previously asked Apple to take off the unlicensed game, but it’s hard for Apple to get off the shelves, just to tell which to drop off the shelf, and now Apple channels have a lot of games without version number, many are big games companies, and Apple doesn’t actually have the ability to audit.” Sun Lei said.

Apple channel on-shelf game number part of the product is at risk of being off the shelf

Or influence the summer game market

Apple’s movements in game numbers are all the main reason for this, largely because of its high market share.

China’s iOS Mobile game revenue reached $11.8 billion ($83.4 billion) in 2019, up 14.9 percent from a year earlier, according to Sensor Tower, a mobile app data analytics firm. According to a report released by the China Voice Association Game Publishing Committee, China Mobile’s total gaming revenue in 2019 is about 158.1 billion yuan, which puts iOS channels accounting for more than 52% of China’s Mobile game market revenue.

And in the Apple channel, no version number, the number of games in the armor package is not low. According to data provided by Chengqi Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the Apple App Store has an estimated number and “horse bag” games of about 162,000, accounting for 74% of the total number of Mobile games.

Although the number requires only games with paid downloads or in-game paid products, industry insiders estimate that as many as 20,000 games could still be affected.

“The exact implementation is not clear, if only new on-line games to provide version number, then this summer and the second half of the iOS channel new game supply will certainly be affected.” That could be a boon for some upcoming regular games. Shen Lin, a veteran game practitioner, said.

“If, as reported, the Apple Channel is down-to-market for all versionless games that are already operational, the impact is even greater.” First of all, the recent new on-board game competition pressure will be reduced, the original game’s user size and revenue may also be increased. Shen Lin said.

Summer has always been an important revenue period for gaming companies, and in the face of uncertain markets, gaming companies need to be prepared in advance.

“Large manufacturers have been regularizing the numbers since 2018, applying and approving in strict accordance with national policies, and how Apple’s policies are implemented have limited impact on this part of the business.” “A staff member of a large gaming company said.

“If Apple starts off the shelves, the short-term impact is certainly there, as far as I know, many manufacturers have been applying for version numbers last year, and many manufacturers are currently waiting for approval.” If approved and needs to be updated and re-launched, you may face user losses during this time. The staff member said.