New Mexico blasts Independence Day ‘mothership’ storm clouds

Last week, a powerful storm swept through Clovis, New Mexico, and a strangely shaped cloud evokes the giant mothership that invaded Earth on Independence Day,media reported. It is understood that this phenomenon is known as “shelf clouds”, and now the online video for those who have been unable to reach the scene to show the opportunity to enjoy.

New Mexico blasts Independence Day 'mothership' storm clouds

Framed clouds are not particularly rare because they usually form during storms formed when a cold front hits warm, moist air. The front end appears disk-like as these storms become larger and form distinct lines as they move forward.

Such storms usually move very quickly and are accompanied by damaging winds and strong thunder and lightning. As you can see in the video, areas covered by rain are also experiencing a lot of rain. It’s obviously good news that local news reports of the storm did not cause any major damage during the storm, but the storm’s appearance is still shocking.

New Mexico blasts Independence Day 'mothership' storm clouds

The giant mother ship in the film Independence Day.

Indeed, this huge cloud makes people think of the UFO mother ship in Independence Day, and in fact the time of the storm is a bit interesting, because soon the United States will be ushering in Independence Day.

But no matter how the storm has passed, humans don’t seem to be on the verge of being taken over by hostile alien races, so that’s good news for people.