Google searches AR Zoo for new members: Dinosaurs from ancient times

According tomedia reports, it is one thing to read about the large dinosaurs that roamed the earth, and quite another to imagine them squealing around you. But Google can help with this. The company added 10 augmented reality (AR) dinosaurs to google searches, meaning users will know what they look like in real life the next time they search for important data from wrist or pterosaurs.

Google searches AR Zoo for new members: Dinosaurs from ancient times

Google has added AR animals to Google’s I/O search since last year and has since launched a veritable zoo that includes cats, scorpions, bears, tigers and more. Now, a group of dinosaurs have joined the group, each using graphics developed for the Jurassic World Live AR mobile game.

It is reported that the complete list of dinosaurs is as follows: Tyrannosaurus, Dragon, Triangle Dragon, Echino, Sword Dragon, Wrist Dragon, A-Dragon, Double Ridge Dragon, Toothless Pterosaur and Deputy Dragon.

Of course, it’s a bit of a requirement to want to stuff a Rex Tyrannosaurus into your room, so Google these AR animals will automatically zoom into their environment. However, Google’s AR animals have become an internet meme because they tend to misjudge sizes, leading to huge AR ducks and emperor penguins stoking in people’s homes.

Ar creatures are not visible on all phones or tablets due to hardware limitations. If the user is using an Android device, you need to have an ARCore-enabled device, and if you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need an iOS 11 or more device. If you already have a device that meets the above criteria, just use the Google app, search for the dinosaurs on the internet via Google in iOS Chrome or through any Android browser.