Apple executives under EU antitrust probe: The company has too many rivals

July 1 (UPI) — An Apple executive on Tuesday dismissed claims that the company is dominant in the market, saying it competes with rivals such as Google and Samsung, amid an EU antitrust investigation into its key business, according tomedia reports. Earlier this month, the European Commission began an investigation into Apple’s App Store and Apple Pay mobile payment systems amid concerns that some of its policies and regulations could adversely affect competition in other companies and markets.

Apple executives under EU antitrust probe: The company has too many rivals

“We compete with a wide range of companies, including Google, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, LG, Lenovo and so on,” Daniel Matray, apple’s head of media services, said at an online event at the Forum Europe. “

“The fact is that Apple doesn’t dominate in any market, and we’re facing stiff competition in every area, including tablets, wearables, desktops and laptops, maps, music, payments, instant messaging, and so on,” he said. “

Martrell argues for Apple’s App Store that the same rules apply to developers large and small, with 85 percent of apps not paying a 30 percent commission to the company, and only those who use in-app payment services pay the fee.

The European Union is investigating whether Apple’s request and the rules that prohibit developers from telling users of other lower-priced payment routes are anti-competitive regulations.

The agency also investigates Apple’s questions about how Apple Pay should use the app and website on the business, and Apple’s refusal to let competitors use the mobile payment system.

The European Union is investigating Apple after Swedish streaming music service Spotify and an e-book company filed a complaint against it.

Mr. Matley points out that the App Store promotes competition, not hurts competitors.

“The App Store’s nearly 12 years of launch have unleashed a tremendous amount of energy and driven the current booming app economy, which reflects its success. He said.