CDC warns of independence day or another new crown disaster brewing

According tomedia reports, in a few days it will be July 4th, people are very worried that the festival may provide a fertile breeding ground for the spread of the new crown virus. The July 4 celebrations usually include barbecues, group outings at parks and beaches, and these events are just one of the sources that could lead to a surge in the spread of the new crown virus and infection. In light of this, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recently warned Americans to be particularly wary of complying with the new virus safety guidelines over the coming weekend.

So even if some states are reopening, people attending the July 4 rally should wear masks and, of course, observe social distance rules.

CDC warns of independence day or another new crown disaster brewing


Mr Redfield said it was important to take appropriate safety precautions because it was often not clear when there might be pre-existing diseases, which would make them particularly vulnerable to some more severe and deadly symptoms of the new coronavirus. As we noted a few weeks ago, some of the most common comorbidities associated with new coronary viral infections are chronic heart disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, asthma, and dementia.

Jay Butler, the CDC’s deputy director for infectious diseases, also offers some simple safety guidelines to keep in mind for the July 4 holiday: “The same question about the upcoming 4th July holiday is how to reduce your risk level.” A small party is better than a big one. It’s better to keep a social or physical distance of at least six feet than closer. It may be better to stay outdoors than indoors. It’s better to be with someone who wears a mask than with someone who doesn’t. So, we know that families want to spend the holidays together, but it’s especially important to minimize the number of people around you, especially those you haven’t been around in the past. “

The CDC’s comments come as the new crown virus is spreading rapidly in several states. To that end, states such as Texas, California and Florida have resumed containment measures in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

Some states have also implemented new safety precautions ahead of the weekend holidays, such as Los Angeles County’s recent announcement that beaches will remain closed during the July 4 holiday to prevent dangerous congestion that could lead to the spread of the deadly new coronavirus.