Polish man gets first high-definition UFO photo Expert: best in 40 years

There has been no official confirmation of the question of whether there are aliens. But UFO photos or videos that keep circulating on the Internet are indirectproofs of the existence of aliens. But these photos or videos, generally “mosaic” quality, can not be very convincing. But unlike in the past, a Polish man took a UFO HD photo for the first time, and attracted the attention and discussion of netizens.

A Polish man recently took five clear UFO photos 110 kilometers from Warsaw,media reported. From the photos, the UFOs appear to be flying saucers, while the upper stakes resemble the top of the tower.

Polish man gets first high-definition UFO photo Expert: best in 40 years

The man recalled that he had passed through the woods and heard an unusual sound, similar to “sand, sand, sand”, and then saw the UFO by the tree, but the latter disappeared after weeks of hovering in the sky.

For these high-definition UFO photos, Russian experts said “40 years of the clearest UFO sightings.” At the same time, the images were identified as not being photo-processed or tampered with, and the UFO was a real object, about 60 metres from the ground.

In fact, humans have never stopped exploring and cognitive activities of UFOs and aliens. However, the current aliens still exist with legend, no one can come up with a real hammer to prove the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. So do you think aliens really exist?