Ford unveils first electric vehicle with long-range of 480 km

November 18, according tomedia reports, local time on Sunday, on the eve of the los Angeles auto show, Ford Motor Company officially released its first pure electric SUV – Mustang Mach-E. Ford said the electric car would be a challenger to Tesla.

The Mustang Mach-E will officially begin delivering to U.S. consumers by the end of 2020, with a choice of rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive powered by permanent magnet motors, depending on the battery, which is available in both standard and long-range versions. The long-range post-drive version of Mach-E EPA has a range of approximately 480 km.

The Mustang Mach-E GT high-performance version accelerates from standstill to 96 km/h in about 3.5 seconds.

Ford unveils first electric vehicle with long-range after-drive range of 480 km

Ford hopes to convince mainstream consumers that the electric car will be a strong rival to Tesla’s electric car.

Ford pulled out of the electric car business last year because of poor sales of the Focus EV. But with the electric car market growing rapidly, the company is once again turning its attention to the sector. Ford said the Mach-E would be produced in Mexico, where labor costs are relatively low, to reduce production costs. Mach-E is priced at $440 million or more.

Ted Canis, head of Ford’s global electric business, said: “Every product we sell is as much as we can make more money. “Every product we make in Europe and the United States will be profitable, which is much better than the Escape hybrid we made 10 years ago. “

Mustang, Ford’s iconic sports car, has sold more than 10 million cars since its launch in 1964, and its success has been reported as a cover story for Time and Newsweek. Mach-E is not only the first electric vehicle version of the Mustang series, it is also the first sport utility vehicle in the series.

Ford will invest $11.5 billion in 40 all-electric and hybrid vehicles by 2022. The plan suggests that Ford’s push for an electric car business will be fast and determined, rather than just for the introduction of approved “compliant cars” to comply with environmental regulations.

“Two years ago, we adjusted our strategy,” Says Mr Cannis. “

U.S. domestic sales of electric vehicles will triple by 2025, accounting for 4.8 percent of the U.S. auto market, up from 1.3 percent today, according to LMC Automotive. And around 2025, the number of new electric vehicle products will quickly increase from 19 today to 110.

It will be difficult to stand out in an area where competitors are so crowded, especially for Ford. Ford is in fifth place behind Toyota, Tesla, Honda and Nissan among the electric car brands consumers like to buy, according to a recent CarGurus survey.

The idea for the Mach-E electric vehicle project was originally launched in 2017. Given the success of the Mustang brand, Ford executives are asking them to make more use of the mustang brand’s influence. So early last year, the electric car was named Mustang Mach-E.

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