Scientists discover new species of spider named after ‘clown’ Joaquin Phoenix

That seems to be the case for the newly named spider species, which bears striking resemblance to a famous comic villain, according tomedia BGR. The researchers recently discovered the “clown spider” in Iran, and they published their findings in the journal Arthropoda Selecta.

Scientists discover new species of spider named after 'clown' Joaquin Phoenix

According to the researchers, they found two male spiders of the new species. In this case, the spider’s appearance makes it relatively easy to compare with known spider species and declares it truly unique. The researchers compared the two spiders with photographic evidence of other spider sightings collected around the area, giving scientists a better understanding of how far the species had branched before it was officially identified.

The researchers wrote:

The new species Loureedia phoenixi sp.n. is described and described according to two male specimens in Alborz, Iran, and has been mapped based on type locations and photo records. These records represent the easternmost distribution limit stake in the genus.

The new species is the first in its genus to be found outside the Mediterranean Sea, extending the distribution to more than 1,500 kilometres eastwards. It is a unique species of Iran, collected from the pattern location of Thear borz province, and has been photographed in the provinces of Tehran, Fars and Kerman in the north and south of Iran.

The spider’s name, Loureedia Phoenixi, is a clear tribute to actor Joaquin Phoenix’s recent portrayal of a clown. In “The Joker,” Phoenix’s image is polarizing, but the film’s performance in the theater is exceptional, Phoenix also won an Oscar for its leading role.

In the future, research on spiders will continue, and scientists believe that if they track male spiders and track them, they will eventually encounter the species’ female spiders, which can then be formally identified.