OLED panel demand grows, Samsung dominates 2020 Q1 global mobile screen share

Despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, global consumer demand for smartphones has declined, but from third-party statistics, the first quarter of this year’s smartphone display panel revenue showed a rise, the overall market saw a 3% increase in revenue. For this revenue growth, it may not come from the increase in display panel shipments, but from the increase in demand for OLED display panels.

(Original title: OLED display panel demand growth, Samsung dominates the 2020 Q1 global smartphone screen market share of more than half)

OLED panel demand grows, Samsung dominates 2020 Q1 global mobile screen share

In the first quarter of 2020, the global smartphone display panel market reached $9 billion, up 3 percent, according to a new research release from Strategy Analytics. The report showed that in the first quarter of this year, smartphone makers’ demand for OLED display panels rose, sending revenue from smartphone display panels up in the quarter. On the other hand, LCD display panel shipments and revenue are declining.

Specifically, according to a data report released by Strategy Analytics, Samsung has a 51.8 percent market share in this year’s mobile panel shipments, the industry leader. In second place was Beijing Oriental, but the market share was only 14.3%, and the gap between the first is very large; As for other screen manufacturers, only 25.7% remains.

Judging from the development of smartphones in recent years, positioning high-end smartphone products are increasingly favoring the use of OLED display panels, and a considerable number of manufacturers are in clined to use Samsung’s OLED. However, in recent years, BOE, Tianma and other domestic manufacturers are also in the relevant areas of strength, their own products are also used by many manufacturers. Overall, Samsung now has the largest and more than half of the market share thanks to samsung’s main push OLED display screen at the time.

Despite the fact that the smartphone display panel market is likely to be more volatile in the next few years, as giants such as Apple push the use of mini LEDs and micro LED display panels.